Taxi Cab Veers Into Several Pedestrians In Front of a Popular Nightclub

On February 12, 2011, a taxicab sprung on to the sidewalk and hit several pedestrians standing close to a popular nightclub in San Diego, Ca. The 52-year-old driver fell asleep at the wheel and lost control of his vehicle. At the time of the accident, the nightclub was closing and many people were exiting the establishment. The vehicle was traveling 15 miles per hour on the road before it jumped the curb and veered into the crowd. People were screaming, shouting, and yelling as they were struck and run over by the taxicab.

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This incident led to 25 people being injured and 23 people being hospitalized. Four victims were critically wounded. One woman sustained a serious injury to her lower leg, which was pinned against a wall during the accident. The leg was severed and the woman went through surgery to have it reattached. She also needed to have reconstructive surgery between her knee and her ankle to repair the fractures and tissue damage within her leg. The other hospitalized individuals were treated for cuts, bruises, and fractures. No fatal injuries occurred during this incident.

Several nightclub patrons attacked the taxicab driver. They dragged him out of his vehicle and began beating him when they thought he was trying to leave the scene. His injuries included two black eyes and a bloody, broken nose. Several independent fights began to break out as people poured into the streets. Police and paramedics arrived within minutes and tried to take control of the situation. Police broke up several fights but no one was put in handcuffs besides the driver. The taxicab driver was taken to the hospital treated for his injuries. He was questioned and detained but never formally arrested by the police.

Police checked the taxicab driver to see if he was under the influence of any controlled substances. No drugs or alcohol was found in his system. The driver admits to taking anti-depressant medication, which may have affected his awareness. He was also working long hours to take care of his family members. The police said the driver did not intentionally break any serious traffic laws. He simply blacked out at the wheel, which is something that can happen to anyone. The driver apologized to the victims and their families and asked them for forgiveness.

Several victims were looking for compensation from the insurance companies for their injuries, including the woman who had her leg severed. According to several news reports, the womanís treatment costs could reach the million dollar mark. After a full investigation was performed, authorities stated the nightclub victims may receive little to no compensation for their injuries. Injury settlements can only be collected if the party involved was at fault and has the money to pay every victim. Since the taxi cab driver was not under the influence of any controlled substance, he is not responsible for the victimís hospital bills. Also, he does not have the money to pay each victim and the company he works for cannot be held responsible for the accident. In this unfortunate incident, the victims had to be responsible for their own injury costs.